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  Announcement: Forum Rules

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 Announcement: Forum Rules Empty
PostSubject: Announcement: Forum Rules    Announcement: Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeSat Mar 10, 2012 8:13 pm

Failure to follow these rules will result in you being banned from the Time To Rise Forum. These rules will be updated as needed.

General Rules

* Only ONE account allowed per person. those caught with multiple accounts will be banned.
( After all, you can edit your name )
* No changing your name. We get accustomed to knowing you for who you are as that name and to change it would undo all the bond that is created
* No profanity of any kind. No half censored profanity of any kind as well. ( sh** is an example ). In addition there will be no name calling. And no inappropriate talk ( for example, that of a sexual nature )
* No rude remarks directed towards anyone. Just because you already know something is no reason to call somebody names or belittle them.
* No remarks about someones grammar
* No inappropriate pictures/banners/graphics are to be posted at any time. Inappropriate includes profanity, nudity, sexual innuendos, and much more
* Treat others with respect and help out when you can.
* If your leaving due to a vacation or something that is short and temporary feel free to post it in your signature. DO NOT make a post about it. If your leaving the site for good, DO NOT post about it. JUST LEAVE. If you want to let people know then pm them or put it in your signature.


* Before you make a topic, search and make sure that a similar topic wasnt already made. If a similar topic exists, then post in it ( no matter how old it is )
* Before you make a topic/post ask yourself if your adding valuable info that other members would appreciate reading.
* Utilize the PM function for talking with another member and NOT the post function. No one else wants to have to scroll through 10 posts of your conversation with another member to get to the valuable info of the topic.
* Keep your post on topic.
* Don't Spam. One or two word posts are spam. ( As are other things )
* Create topics in the proper section.


* Do not harass another member via a PM. This includes spam, constant pestering, arguing, cursing, etc. etc.
* Do not Pm a person about trading unless they have a trade topic and have asked you to pm them. If someone wants to trade with you they will have a trade topic telling what they have and what they want. If you don't have what they want or need what they have then DON'T pm them.


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Announcement: Forum Rules

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